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Why is it so Important to have One Resume?

Job Search Tips
So you’re looking for a job and you need to send out your resume to several different companies. You’ve had the same one for a while now and you’ve constantly been adding to it throughout the years when necessary. You’re confident in your experience, training, and most of all yourself, but before you send out that glorious reflection of you, consider this: have more than one resume.

Relevant Skill Sets

If you have one resume, it’s more than likely that you’ve added and piled skills and experience throughout the years that are no longer applicable. You don’t need to point out that you read your Shakespeare speech at the talent show in junior high. Take some time to get rid of the unnecessary things and focus on the professional you. Create a separate resume and copy and paste all of your stronger qualifications that employers will be impressed with.

So you’ve found a job that’s hiring, but it has a deadline for applications the following day. Avoid the need to crunch the last bit of editing to your resume by having one ready. Take some time to focus on a professional resume and read it over for any errors long before you think you’ll need it. It’s important to have one ready in case you need to submit one at the last minute.

Custom To Potential Employers

It’s also important to have different resumes so you can connect with your employer. If you have one resume that you’ve just added to over the years, the person reading it is going to feel disconnected. With a specific resume designed for a specific job, the employer is going to feel the purpose and commitment just by reading it. If you’ve targeted your skills and abilities to one position, your chances of getting hired are higher. By having many resumes, it would be easier to pick and modify the one closest to your goals.

A great reason to have more than one resume is significance. If you’re applying for a computer engineering position, you don’t need to add that you are ridiculously fast at bagging groceries on your resume. Save that resume for applying to Wal-Mart. Not only does this create clutter on your profession resume, but it also makes you look unprofessional. Employers aren’t going to take you seriously, so make sure you have a separate resume significant to the job you’re applying for.

It’s possible that the job you’re applying for has multiple openings in different positions. With separate resumes, you’re able to take on a specific position and focus all of your skills and experience on one desired option.

It’s important to have more than one resume simply because it’s helpful to not only you, but also your prospective employers. Having more than one resume provides a less stressful experience on the job hunting procedure. Take the time to declutter, be professional, and make sure the resume you decide to send out is the best representation of you.

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