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Why Does Your Resume Template Matter?

Conservative Resume
When it comes to creating a resume for a job, you want something that will not only wow the recruiter with your experience, but a format that speaks of your professionalism as well. That is why so many people choose to use a resume template to take care of all of their resume creating needs. Many people however, feel that a resume template doesn't matter, below, find some reasons that the one you select does matter quite a bit.

Appearance is Important

Many people feel that the appearance of their resume isn't as important as what content it contains. While it is true that an aesthetically pleasing resume display with awful content and no experience isn't going to get you a job, it is important for it to be clean cut and well organized as well.

It's Important to Catch the Hiring Managers Eye First

Hiring managers have a ton of resumes and applications to go through on a daily basis. They quickly scan the resume and if nothing of interest catches their eye then they will toss the resume and move onto the next one in the pile. If your resume is hard to read, disorganized, and is sloppy, it dilutes what you have to offer the company and may very well not get a second glance from the hiring manager. A resume template can help you keep everything organized.

Mistakes You Don't want to Make

  • Don't try to cram everything onto one page. This makes it hard to read and will give the hiring manager a headache, when they try to read it.

  • Make sure that you choose fonts that are easy to read. Remember, that not every computer is the same, so the hiring manager may not have the same font that you do. If his computer automatically turns the font to another one, he may end up seeing a resume that is cramped or run together, even when using a design that is already created. You are safest using an Arial or Times font for your resume.

  • Make sure that you use plenty of white space when creating your resume. Creative resumes still use plenty of white space, so that the recruiter can read the resume easily and quickly, then be pulled in for a closer look.

  • Avoid the bolding and italics as much as possible. Italics can be hard to read and bolding should only be used for headings.

Call in the Professionals

If you are still unsure about how to use a template, you can easily call in the professionals to do the job for you. There are many services online that will set you up with a resume design that you can use for every job you apply for.

These are just a few of the reasons that a resume template matters when you are applying for a job. You don't want the resume to be cramped and disorganized; a template keeps that from happening and ensures that your resume gets the second look that it deserves.

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