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What Questions Should I Ask About Benefits During a Job Interview?

If you are going in for a job interview, there will come a time where you are given the floor and allowed to ask questions about the job and anything else you may be curious about. This can be a nerve racking time as you may not know what to ask or you may be afraid to ask certain questions. Instead of being nervous, there are some things that you do need to know so it is essential that you ask about them now instead of later. Don’t be nervous though as employers are used to hearing questions about benefits and you should never be ashamed to ask.

Types of Benefits Offered

You want to start out by asking what types of benefits are offered to the employees. If you are working somewhere, you may expect the company to provide certain benefits and some families rely on these benefits to ensure that their needs are met. There are a multitude of benefits that an employer can offer from a 401k to insurance and much more. Knowing will allow you to properly plan for your future.

When Are Benefits Offered

Another great question to ask is when the benefits become available to new employees. Some employers offer benefits immediately, some require you to wait 30 days, and some 90 days. Depending on the length of the wait, you may have to find temporary solutions to insurance, etc. Never be afraid to ask this question though because you do not want to miss the enrollment period and you also need to plan accordingly.

Do You Offer Direct Deposit?

Direct deposit is a convenient way to receive your paycheck from your company and you do not have to worry about cashing your check and picking it up. Some employers require you to wait a certain amount of time before you can enroll in direct deposit.

How Much Sick Time and Vacation Time?

You should also ask your employer is there is any type of paid sick time or vacation time offered to employees. Businesses offer a variety of different plans for their employees so you may find that one company offers 5 days while another offers 10. It is important to ask this question so that you are prepared and you can plan family vacations accordingly.

Don’t Be Afraid

One of the most important things you can do is relax and be confident when you ask questions. If you are nervous or scared, your employer can tell and they can sense it. Know what you want to ask about benefits before you go in for your interview and you will feel much more confident the entire time. Never be afraid to ask questions that you are already entitled to know.

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