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Should My Resume Be Only One Page?

With the competitive job market today, many people ask whether a resume should be confined to a single page. Many people have plenty of job experience, an extensive education, or training, and plenty of achievements that may extend over a single page. However, many credible sources have said that unless absolutely necessary, a resume should be confined to a single page. Due to the short attention span of employers, you should eliminate old or irrelevant information and focus on keeping your relevant information within a clean design.

Employers Have a Lot to Do and Not a Lot of Time in Which to Do It
Opening up a new job position is a lot of work for any Human Resources department. It means sifting through possibly hundreds of applications, cover letters, and resumes, as well as scheduling interviews and consulting with the boss to find the best applicant for the position. As such, they do not have the time or the means to give a huge amount of attention to every single resume. Many find it aggravating to have to deal with more than one page of resume per applicant, or may simply see a multiple page document as a lack of organizational skill. To both reduce the stress on the HR department and increase your chances of being recognized, it would be best to keep your resume down to a single page.

Old Information Will Not Help You

Even though you may be proud of your long and varied work history, much of it may be simply dead weight on the limited space of a resume. The purpose of a resume is to demonstrate how you are the perfect person for the job, rather than to provide an autobiography. Optimally, you should be crafting each resume to fit the needs of each employer. For example, if the job calls for someone with good leadership skills and a background in engineering, then you should not need to include your certification in CPR. Instead, cut out everything that may distract from your experience leading community projects and your degree in Civil Engineering.

A Clean Design Will Go a Long Way

One of the largest problems faced by applicants is how to fit the most information on a single page. Many times, the key lies in having a clean, functional, and catchy design with which to work. Modern resumes utilize headers, bullet points, multiple columns, and other organizational principles, along with aesthetically pleasing color schemes, to achieve a professional feel and clean organization of your necessary information.

A resume template can be of immense help in this situation, as professionals have already created the design so that you only need to fit your relevant information into the space provided. With a resume that meshes an excellent color scheme with a clean design and targeted information, you will be one step closer to reaching your goal of employment.

When designing your resume, remember that it is essential to keep your information on a single page. This will help you maximize your potential to be seen and considered by an employer.

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