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Do I Really Need to Write a Job Interview Thank You Note?

If you recently had a job interview with a potential employer, it is important that you send a thank you note to the person who interviewed you. There is no downside that can happen from sending the letter and when you do send it, the person will instantly remember you and this can boost you to the top of the list for potential hires.

Many job applicants do not even send a thank you note and once they are done with their interview, they head home and forget about it until the person calls them again. Sending a thank you note can help you but it won’t hurt you so, yes, you should write one. If you are planning on sending one, consider the following tips to help you know what to say and what to do.

Jot Down Some Notes

It is important for you to jot down some notes during your interview as these will help you form your thank you note. You can show the employer that you paid attention by placing some of these notes into your thank you. For instance, you could say something to the effect of, “Thank you for teaching me about….”

Personalize the Thank You

Make sure that you send the thank you note to the correct person and place their name on the thank you as well. This will let them know that you took the time to add personalization and you are not just sending out some generic thank you to everyone.
Write the Thank You After the Interview
You always want to write the thank you note after your interview and not beforehand. If you deliver a letter right then and there to the interviewer, it is not personal and it may mean nothing. Go home, take the time to write one out, and then send it in. It will mean more.

Remind Them Why You Are Great for the Position
When you are filling out the thank you note, remind the interviewer why you are the perfect person for the position or remind them of what you bring to the table. You can discuss something you did in the past to make you stand out at a previous employer or you can even attach your resume to the thank you note to remind them about you.

Get Help with Your Resume

If you need help creating your resume, Spicy Resumes can help you today. You want your resume to stand out, highlight you, and stick in the mind of your employer. Remember, a thank you note is not essential, but it can help propel you to the top of the list when it comes to potential new hires.

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