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Communication Tips for Speaking With a Potential Future Boss

Future Boss
Meeting a potential future boss can make any job seeker nervous. Instead of speaking with an interviewer, you are speaking directly with the person you are working for. That being said, whether you are interviewing with your future boss or with an interviewer you should be professional and confident. Remember to dress like you would at your job and come prepared with your resume and cover letter. Even if you already sent the interviewer both, give him or her another copy at your interview. Before going to your interview, prepare how you will communicate with your potential future boss so that he or she sees how professional and confident you are.

Offer a Handshake

Whether you are in the interviewing room before or after your future boss, stand up and shake his or her hand. Remember to keep it firm and make eye contact. You should also remember to smile and ask the interviewer how he or she is doing. This is not only a professional way to start your job interview, but it makes the setting more personal instead of keeping everything very serious and closed off. A firm handshake shows the interviewer that you are confident, as well.

Relax Yourself

Once you are both seated, take the time to relax yourself. If you look tense or nervous, it can make the interview uncomfortable for both you and your potential boss. Take a deep breath, and make sure your hands and shoulders are relaxed. These two body parts are the most obvious places tension can be seen, so try to relax. Interviews can be nerve-wracking so practice with a friend or family member before you set a date for the interview. Ask them if you look relaxed, yet still professional. Drinking water before the interview can also help calm your nerves.

Stay Positive

If you go into the interview already thinking you won't get the job, you won't have a successful meeting. Stay positive in yourself and your abilities, in the position you are applying for, and in the interview. If you feel confident, you will look confident. Even if you do not think you will get the job, fake it 'til you make it. Even pretending to be confident can do the trick to keep you thinking positive thoughts. You want your potential boss to see that you are enthusiastic about the job and that you are looking for something more than a paycheck. Being positive will also make your interviewer more comfortable so use it to your advantage.

Ask Questions

Do not be embarrassed when asking questions. You do not have to know everything about the company and your future boss will appreciate your questions. Asking questions makes a job seeker look eager to know more about the job they are applying to and the company itself. Keep your questions professional and concise, and do not ask about things like salary unless it has already been brought up. After the interview, you should write a note to your potential employer thanking him or her for the opportunity to meet. You can also add any more questions you may have forgotten to ask during the interview. This will show the employer that you are interested in the job.

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