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Avoid These Job Interview Mistakes

Landing a job interview is the next in a series of stepping stone in getting the job. Therefore you want to be on your A game during the interview process. Almost everyone leaves interviews thinking "Man I could have answered that differently." and that is okay. However, there are some preparations you can do to avoid a few different common interview mistakes. Whether you are preparing for an interview or about to start looking for a new job, these tips will help you master your interview skills.

Talking too much or too little

During an interview talking too little or too much can hurt you. If you are brief in all your answers the person conducting your interview may think you are hiding something or keeping it out on purpose, this can make them nervous and not hire you. If you talk too much and go into a lengthy explanation after every question, they could tune you out and think you will spend your entire time working just talking to everyone else. Consider practicing some basic interview questions beforehand to get an idea of how you can answer them in the right amount of words. If you are unsure if you are talking too much or too little have a friend or professional give a practice interview and get their opinion.

Not researching the company

If you have already landed your interview, the person interviewing you is going to assume you know about the company. One of the worst mistakes you can do is walk into the interview blindly. Chances are during your interview they are going to ask you if you know about the company at least what they do and their mission. This will be your chance to show them you are good at research as well as let them know you are very interested in joining their team.

Failing to ask questions

No body likes a know it all. So don't go in acting like you know everything there is so know because chances are, you don't. When the opportunity arises to ask questions, do so. Ask questions about the company, about their mission, and their overall goals. This is the time you have control to see if the company is a match for you. If you don't feel like their wants line up with your goal, then feel free to keep looking for a company that matches what you have to offer.

The worst mistake to make when going to an interview is not being yourself. For one you don't want to make yourself sound over qualified, land the job, then fail to meet expectations. For two, don't sell yourself short, you are good at what you do, so why be pretending to be something your not. Take the time to carefully prepare for your interview, recruit the help from friends or professionals to ensure that you got it down pat and you will land the job you always hoped for.

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