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Why choose SpicyResumes?

About Spicy Resumes

With the current competitive employment market, landing a position has been more challenging as the number of applicants has surged over the past few years. Recruiters have been swamped with applications and this makes it very hard to get picked especially when you're competing with other aspirants who have the same qualifications as you do. Fortunately, this is where the brilliance of SpicyResumes can give you the edge over your competition.

How will it make me stand out in a crowd of job applicants?

We have crafted a wide array of templates that can increase your chances of getting noticed by employers. And this is not just a typical template that can be easily found anywhere on the internet. What we have is this extra "secret" ingredient that makes all the difference aside from the perfect mix color and style that is proven to attract attention without deterring away from the text that is included on paper. What you will get is that much-needed attention which will take your application to the next process. Recruiters only allot around 10 seconds for each CV that they browse and if nothing captures their interest then they are more likely to switch to the document of the next available candidate. This is why you need to have the advantage and this is what our downloadable templates can give you.

Invest for your career

Creating a CV is the very first step to getting a job which means that you need to make it as presentable and as impressive as it can be so that these one or two pages of text will define your career in the long run. You might not be aware but only few invest in this very important document and majority of applicants only rely on the plain text that is written on a standard paper to get the job. A little bit of spice can result in more interview invitations and ultimately job offers.

Show your creativity and get noticed!

With so many applications sent to their desk every day, recruiters are looking for those who have the resourcefulness and creativity to make their jobs a little less stressful. They particularly hire people on the basis of the effort and see a huge potential on those who try to make their applications stand out from the rest of the pile. It's always ideal to provide them what they need but if you choose to give them more, then your chances of being considered for an open position are definitely increased! With SpicyResumes, you will be able to create a visually appealing piece of document that is guaranteed to get the attention of hiring managers even in a sea of dull and boring black and white resumes.

Our artists have the best understanding on how color and images can be utilized to attract attention. These are the people who have the proficiency in accomplishing that goal to have something that will definitely be an eye-catcher. Not only do they have the vision of designers but employers as well and this is what you as an applicant seriously needs to stand out in today's job market.

So don't just rely on plane old boring texts to land you an employment opportunity. Spice up your resume and stand out among all the other applicants!

Why Spicy Resumes?

You only have around 10 seconds to impress recruiters with your CV.
If you fail to get noticed within this short period, your resume will probably end up in the trash.
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