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What Should Go At the Top of My Resume?

Job Search Tips
When it comes to landing a new job, your resume is just part of the puzzle- but it's an important one.

When setting out to construct a resume, you need to consider many things, such as the layout, the color scheme, and the information that you include. However, one section that you should never neglect is the header, or the top of your resume. The information you display there is essential in identifying yourself and providing places where your potential employer can both contact you and find out more about you. You will need your personal information, contact information, and, in most modern resumes, a confident photograph.

Your Personal Information

Firstly, you need your personal information. A resume with great work history is worthless without a name attached to it. Your name should be the most prominent part of this upper section. In the end, all of your work experience and achievements link back to you. This should be the name you prefer to be called, including any special designations, such as PhD, or so forth. In addition, you should include an address, which will indicate your current location, and how willing you may be to relocate if the job requires you to do so.

Professional Contact Information

In the global connectedness of the world today, an email address is a necessary requirement for any applicant to have. However, not just any email address is suitable to put on a resume. For example, using will not mesh well with your attempt to portray yourself as a competent businessperson who graduated with honors from Yale. A professional email should use your name, with little to no embellishment, on a reputable email service. For example, someone named John Smith could use the email This retains a professional air, and easily indicates whom the email belongs to.

Additionally, it is a good idea to create a LinkedIn profile, as many employers will use it to determine how able you are on the internet and social media, as well as to verify your information. Use the settings of LinkedIn to minimize the space of the link to your account, so that it fits nicely on a resume header.

The last thing in this section you need is your phone number. Be sure to include the area code as well, or even the country code if you are applying internationally. After all, if they want to call you to set up an interview, they need to know what to dial.

A Smiling, Confident Photograph

The last thing you should consider is to include a recent, professional photograph. It is much easier to put a name to a face if you have seen it before, and the same holds true with job applications. Keep in mind, however, that not just any photograph will do. This should be recent enough to recognize you at a glance, and you should look nice. Have your hair done, wear some professional attire, such as a shirt and tie for men or a classy blouse for women, and give your best confident smile. This photograph, when combined with the appearance of your resume, is the first impression you will convey.

As with any modern resume, you have to be sure to make an impression. The above tips will help you keep the header of your resume in prime shape for submission.

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