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How Does a Creative Resume Help You Stand Out?

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When it comes to finding a job in today's tough economic times, you need a creative resume that stands out heads and tails above the rest of the applicants. In today's world, your resume is almost as important as your interview when it comes to getting a job. Below you will find some ways that a creative resume helps you stand out above all the rest of the applicants going for the job that you desire.

Gets the Hiring Manager's Attention

A creative resume does a lot more to get the hiring managers attention than a run of the mill resume does. If your resume is disorganized or doesn't do anything to capture the hiring manager's attention, then it will quickly be pushed to the bottom of the pile and ignored. It usually only takes a recruiter six seconds to look over a resume, if he's sees nothing that grabs his interest, then he will quickly move onto the next one in his heft pile of resumes.
Your resume is the first look at you a perspective company has. You have to shine in that creative resume, if you hope to have the chance to shine in the interview and land the job.

Make Your Resume Stand Out

Now that you know that you need to get the hiring managers attention with your creative resume, you might want to know how to get that attention. Below, find some tips for making your resume stand out above all of the others in the job pool.

Don’t Describe Your Responsibilities

Instead of listing your responsibilities on your creative resume, you should try to describe your accomplishments instead. Instead of just listing your responsibilities as a pizza delivery guy, you should tell the hiring manager what you accomplished as a pizza deliveryman. Were you good at your job? Did you take pride in your work? Describe the way that you went beyond the expected norm to fulfill your job description.

Ignore Information that Doesn't Make a Difference

It is just as important to know what information you need to leave off your resume, as it is to know what to include. If your resume is a little on the weak side, adding tons of information to pad it, can backfire on you easily. A hiring manager does not want to read a bunch of useless information just to pad your resume. He will stop reading and toss your resume to the side if he can't find the meat of the resume. Creative resumes mean that you have organization and job accomplishments listed in a neat resume template.

These are just a few tips to help you create the best creative resume you can create. A creative resume stands out above all others and make the hiring manager stand up and take notice. If you use a resume template, then you are sure to create the best resume that you can create.

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